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Adding a Checklist

To add a new Checklist: 

1. From the Time Track Main Menu select Set Up > Advanced Set Up > C
hecklist.   You should see a page similar to


2.  After Clicking on Add New (highlighted above) you should see a page similar to


3.  Add a Checklist Name and click Save


4.  Add the various Questions (highlighted above)

5.  Click Add after adding each question

6.  Click on Save or Update.

You should see something similar to


7.  To change the order that the questions will be asked, simply drag and drop them into the correct order.  

8.   You can have an unlimited number of Checklists - but each Checklist must have a unique name.  

9.   Each Checklist can have an unlimited number of any type of questions that you wish to have.   

10.  Checklists have Checklist Triggers. 

A Checklist Trigger is based on an event (e.g. clicking on a Green Start button in the Factory version) that displays the Checklist and requires the Employee to answer the Checklist.

To learn more about Checklist Triggers see Adding a Checklist Trigger.



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