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Adding a Checklist Trigger

Checklists Triggers are events that once they occur, display a Checklist.

Checklist Triggers are made up of two things

  • An Event - for example clicking on green start button to start a Task, or clicking on a red button to finish a Task, etc. 
  • ​A Process.

So for example clicking a green start button for a Process called Installation could display a Checklist that is required to be filled out regarding installation.

To add a Checklist Trigger

 1.   From the Time Track Main Menu select Set Up > Advanced Set Up > Checklist.   You should see a page similar to

2.   Click on Edit next to the Checklist you wish to add a Checklist Trigger to.   You should see a page similar to


3.  Click on Add Trigger (highlighted above) - you should see a page similar to


4.  From this page you can add Events and Processes - for example


This will ensure that first time a Green button is clicked for the Process On Site Measuring, the Checklist will display.

You can have an unlimited number of Checklist Triggers for any particular Checklist.

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