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    Adding a Job to QuickBooks


    Empower Time Track can automatically add a Job to QuickBooks by creating a draft invoice.  This is created as soon as a Job is created.  

1.  To do this, first ensure Empower Time Track is connected to QuickBooks - for more information on connecting to QuickBooks see Connecting To QuickBooks.


 2.  From the Main Menu select Job > New Job

      You should see the following page.  Note the connection to Intuit (QuickBooks) message - highlighted below. 


3.   Create the Job in the normal manner - for more information on Jobs and creating Jobs, see Introducing Jobs.

      Once you have created the Job, a draft invoice will be created in QuickBooks with the same invoice number as the Empower Job Number.  

      A message will be displayed on the new Job page detailing the invoice number (see highlighted below).  



4.  If there are no Products, the draft invoice will have a temporary line item within QuickBooks (see highlighted below) called Emp_Draft.  


5.  This will be updated with the Job's Products when Products are added and also once the Job has been Dispatched.  

6.  The Quick Book Invoice Number and the date it was invoiced will be visible in the Edit Job page.

For more information on this see Updating QuickBooks Invoices.

For more information on Dispatching Jobs see Dispatching Jobs. 


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