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 This page is intended to be a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page for developers who are developing an interface to the API.

Q.  Can I use my existing Empower User Name and credential?

A.  No you will need an additional User Name - see Authentication And Access.

Q.  Do you have a test environment? Or can we use the same environment with a test account?

A.  There is no separate test environment. You can use a test account if you are an Administrator and wish to add one. You can delete the test Jobs/Products created if required before going live.

Q.  Do you have firewall rules on your side? 

A.  Subject to authentication, the API is accessible to the public.  It will not allow you to send or retrieve information if the credentials are wrong.

Q. What happens if I resubmit the same Job?  Do you have any logic for duplicate Jobs?

A. The JobReferenceNumber is unique (a Key) for the Job. So it will give back an error message if you try to send the same data again.

Q. How do you handle logic around exceptions or errors?

A.  The exceptions are cached and are sent back as error messages from the API.

Q. I get an Error number 7623 returned - what does that mean?

    A.  7623 means that you have called a Get function with the same argument more than once in a 15 minute period.  Wait 15 minutes and try again.


    Q.  Are there additional costs involved in using the API?

      A.  API calls are included in the cost of your Upgrade and Support fee but there is a service limit of a maximum of 1,000 API calls per 24 hour period.  Any API calls over and above 1,000 per 24 hour period will be subject to an additional cost of $10 per 1000 calls (or part thereof).     

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