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Auto Assigns of Product Processes

Sometimes the same Employee or Employees always carry out a particular Process for a particular Product.

For example Bill Bloggs may always make the legs for a particular type of table. 

In this instance you can set up an Auto Assign for a Product Process. 

An Auto Assign for a Product Process is like a rule that says, for example, automatically send the making the legs for a particular type of table to Bill Bloggs.  

Auto Assigns can be set up for one or more Employees and also for one or more Work Centers.  There is no limit on the number of Auto Assigns you can set up. 

The more Auto Assigns the better, as it saves time manually Assigning Tasks and reduces any human error factor involved in manually Assigning Tasks.

To Auto Assign a Task for a Product Process, from the Management Main Menu, go to Product > Edit.

You should see a page similar to


Select the appropriate Product from the drop down list and click OK


Click on the Auto Assign button next to the Process to be automatically Assigned (highlighted above)

Click on the small down arrow at the right hand side of the drop box (highlighted below) and select the appropriate Employee or Work Center from the drop down box. 



Then click on Auto Assign.  The next time a Job is created for that table you will find that the make legs Task is automatically Assigned to Bloggs.

Multiple Employees can be Auto Assigned by selecting additional Employees from the drop down list.

In addition to Auto Assigning to Employees it is also possible to Auto Assign to Work Centers.

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