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Capacity Planning

Empower's Capacity Planning supports the drill down of Scheduled Capacity and the drag and drop of tasks to fix Capacity issues.

It is probably best to explain how this works with an example.

1.  Ensure at least one schedule has been created - for more information see Add New Schedule

2.  View the Scheduling Capacity - from the Main Menu select View > Scheduling > Capacity > By Process and select a Process or Process Group.

     You should see something similar to

The above example shows the Capacity for the Cabinets Process Group.  This Process Group has a daily capacity of 8 hours (highlighted above in yellow).

The problem is that on 19/1/2016 there is 12 hours of Time Left to be carried out (circled in green).

To fix this problem double click on the bar chart for the 19th.

You should see something similar to


Note that only a partial list of Tasks will be visible in this page - only Tasks with Processes part of the Process Group will be visible. 

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