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A Downtime is a type of Task that has non productive times such as overheads.  

Empower Time Track uses the word Downtime rather than overhead or non productive because Employees see the word Downtime to log on to.

Downtimes reflect the fact that these Tasks, while necessary, do not earn revenue and therefore do not contribute directly to paying Employees their wages.


To set up Downtimes:

 1.  Think about a list of Downtimes to use, e.g.
  • Machinery Maintenance
  • Unloading Stock
  • Team Meeting
  • Training, etc.

2.  Enter these Downtime Names as a Process (see highlighted below).  

To set up your Processes in Empower Time Track, from the main menu, go to Set Up > Process. 

  For more information see Setting Up Processes.


3.  Set up a Product called Downtime (or something similar) in a similar way to setting up a Product - see Setting Up Products except make sure that the Product Group is set to Downtime (see highlighted below).  

For more information on Product Groups - see Product Groups.


 4.  Raise a Job in exactly the same way you would raise a normal Job except select Downtime as the Product - for more information see Introducing Jobs.


5.  And finally Assign the Downtime Tasks to the Employee - for more information see Introducing Tasks.

     The Tasks will appear in the Downtime section of the Job Start End Page. For more information see Factory Login and Log out.

     Note that in the Factory version, the red button will not be visible in the Downtime tab as these Tasks never really finish.  You can, however finish the tasks in the Management version.

6.  Empower recommends finishing the Downtime Job and starting a new one periodically (say monthly).

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