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Employee Groups

Some organizations have teams or groups of Employees who

  • always work on the same Tasks, and
  • always Start, place On Hold and Finish those Tasks at the same time.


As an example imagine several Employees operating a machine, where they always Start and Finish Tasks at the same time.

Empower supports this by using Employees Groups and Employee Group Leaders.

 If an Employee is part of an Employee Group - then that Employee:

  • will automatically have the Employee Group Leader carry out Starts/On Hold and Finishing their Tasks
  • will automatically have any Tasks that are not Assigned to that Employee Assigned and Started when the Employee Group Leader Starts the Task 

An Employee can only be in one Employee Group at any time, but multiple Employees can be part of the same Employee Group.

To set up Employee Groups

1.  From the Management Main Menu select Tools > Settings.


2.  Clicking on the Advanced button displays a number of additional advanced settings.

Ensure Allow Employee Groups is set to on (as displayed below)


    Note that only an Administrator can alter this setting.

3.  From the Management version Main Menu, go to Set  Up Employee.

 4.  Select Edit next to the Employee you wish to be part of this Employee Group.

5.  From the drop down list select the Employee Group Leader.  To remove an Employee from an Employee Group select the blank line.

6.  Finally click Save.

Bill Bloggs is now part of an Employee Group with the Employee Group team leader you selected.

When the Employee Group Leader Starts/Holds/Finishes a Task, all Employees in that Employee Group will automatically also have the Task Started/Stopped/Finished.

If the Employee who is part of the Employee Group does not have the Task assigned to him, the Task will automatically be Assigned to him when the Employee Team Leader Starts the Task.

Employees who are part of Employee Groups will not have Start/Stop/Hold Buttons displayed in the Factory version Manufacture and Downtime pages - see below.


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