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Factory Log In and Log Out

At the start and end of each Task the Employee will need to Log In and Log Out of the Task.  This is how Actual Time is accumulated.

Each Employee uses the same Login ID number that they use to identify themselves for Clocking In and Out. 

To login, in the Factory version, enter the ID and then click on Tasks.


You should see a page similar to


Note that each Task Status is Yet To Start.

The three colored buttons are

  • The left hand green button is used to Start (or restart a Task)
  • The middle orange button is used to pause or put a Task On Hold.  This could be, for example, at the end of the day or if there is a second more important Task, etc.
  • The right hand red button is to Finish the Task.

Click on one of the green buttons – you should see a page telling you that the Task is Active.

Try clicking on the Orange and Red buttons.

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