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Filtering Schedules

The Schedule can be filtered to only show some types of Tasks and simplify things.

Tasks can be filtered by

  • Schedule
  • Job Number
  • Process
  • Assigned or Unassigned Tasks, and
  • Task Status (ie Active / On Hold / Yet To Start)

Or any combination of any or all of these.

​To filter the Schedule, from the Main Menu select View > Scheduling > Schedule.

You should see a page similar to 


To show the filters click on Show Filters (highlighted above).

You should see a page similar to 


From this page by selecting the relevant drop down box, the Schedule can be filtered on a particular Schedule, a particular Process Group or a Job Number.

In addition its possible to select by Process and Job Group by clicking on the More Filters button (highlighted above).


Any number and combination of filters can be used, eg below is an example of how to Filter on both the Factory Process Group AND the Assemble Process.  To remove a filter simply click on the small x to the right of the filter (see highlighted below).





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