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Going Live

There are several ways to go live with Empower Factory Productivity and Scheduling
  • Input all Jobs for new and existing work and choose a particular date to start, or
  • Initially get Employees to Clock In and Out and then, at a later stage, either
    • Get the whole factory using Empower after a particular date, or 
    • Get selected Employees using Empower Time Track and gradually roll it out across the factory, or
  • Get all Employees to work on all new work after a particular date.

You should give thought to the work currently in progress in your factory and when you should start to use Empower.  In addition consider

  • When it is appropriate to start entering new Jobs
  • What to do with work in progress
  • When the appropriate time is to have Employees start logging onto Tasks
  • The approximate average Job lead time
  • The average time to manufacture an average products
  • The average weekly volume of Customer Jobs.

The following plan may help clarify the steps to be taken

   Task  Target Completion Date  Completed


Finish entering all Employees - see Setting Up Employees




 Train Employees in using Clock in and Clock out pages - see Factory Login and Log out




 All Employees using Clock in and Clock out pages




 Confirm how to go live with Empower – either

-          All Employees from a particular date, or
  -          Some employees with a gradual roll out, or
  -          All new Jobs from a particular date.




 Begin Setting Up Products  and Setting Up Processes




 Begin entering Jobs and Assigning Tasks to Employees




 Empower live – all Employees using the system




 Daily monitoring of

      -      View Clocked In Employees and Who’s working on what and
-          Times over 14 hours.




 Weekly reporting of Productivity reports




 Unaccounted time less than 2 hours per Employee per week



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