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Introducing Jobs

A Job is a piece of work or a group of pieces of work. 

Often a Job will result in you sending your Customer an invoice or an account for a Product.  

Jobs may also be for an internal Customer, e.g. stock or components, etc. Your organization may call a Job an order or a works order. 

Empower Time Track is a very flexible system allowing for a wide range of set up options.  
As such there is no standard set up of the level of Jobs for you to use with Empower Time Track. 

Our advice is

  • When establishing Empower Time Track set fewer Processes per Product and revise this later if required
  • Plan your level of Jobs prior to putting Jobs into Empower Time Track and involve at least one key staff member in determining Jobs to be set and tracked.

Before entering a new Job ensure you have entered at least one Product - see Setting Up Products.

To enter a new Job, from the main management menu, go to Job > New


1.  We are going to put in a Job for a table. Empower Time Track will generate three Tasks for the Employee to work on

  • Making the Legs
  • Making the top
  • Assembling the Table.

2.  The Job Number is the unique name or number given to a Job - you may know this as the job name.

In the Job Number box type in Test1.

3.  Choose a Customer from the drop down box. There should be one there already for you.

4.  Click on the arrow to the right of Products Required and select Table.

5.  Click on the Add Button.

Your page should look similar to


And that’s it – you have generated three Tasks.

To see a YouTube video of adding a Job click here.

Next go to Introducing Tasks.  

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