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Introducing Tasks

A Task is an activity carried out by an Employee to make a Product – examples of Tasks are Cut Table Legs or Assemble Table.  

Each Task has an Actual Time, a Budgeted Time and a Status.  

A Task can be Assigned (or given) to one or more Employees.

From our example we will Assign (or give) the Tasks to our Employee. From the Management Main Menu, go to Task > Assign Tasks.


Click on the first Assign Button and click on the arrow to the right of the box (highlighted below).


Select the Employee or Work Centers you wish to be Assigned to this Task.


Then click on Assign.

 Do the same for the other two Tasks.

The Employee should have three Tasks.  

To check this, from the Main Management Menu, go to Task >
Start And End and choose the Employee


To Assign more than one Task at the same time click on the Multi Assign check box for each Task you want to Assign.  Then click on the Multi Assign button.

Empower enables you to Auto Assign tasks either at the Product Process or Process levels.  For more information see

Auto Assigns of Product Processes and Auto Assigns of Processes.

For more advanced Tasks related help topics see Tasks.


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