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Differences in the capacity of an organisation together with Customer demands may result in inefficiencies.

With too little work, resources will be under used.

With too much work, deadlines will be missed and increased costs will result from overtime, increased delivery costs etc.

Empower Scheduling can show the processes, areas and people where the business may be over or under committed and allows you to do something about it.

The Capacity functionality is easily customized so you can focus on one or more areas in your business.

Empower is able to display Capacity by

  •  one or more Processes

 The total budget for a time period can then be compared with capacity.  

1.  To set up a Scheduling Capacity report - see 
Scheduling Capacity.

2.  If you wish to use a Process Group ensure that a Process Group is set up for one or more Processes. 

     For example you could have a Process Group called Press that has several processes as part of that Process Group, eg Press 15 ton, Press 20 ton, etc.

     For an example of using several processes in a Process Group see Multiple Processes.

 3.  To fix too much or too little capacity see Capacity Planning.

 4.  To apportion a Task over more than one day see Split Tasks.

 5.  It is also possible to view the Scheduling Capacity by Sub Factory. 

 6.  To view Capacity by Process - see View Process Schedule.

 7.  To view Capacity by Employee - see Employee Capacity

 8.  To view Capacity by Work Center - see Capacity By Work Center.


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