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Introduction to Checklists

Checklists are lists of questions to be answered / filled out by Employees in particular situations.

1.  For example, an Employee may be required to fill out a Checklist on first starting the first Task of the Job.

    The Checklist could contain questions like

  • Has a deposit been received? If so how much and what date was it received?
  • Has an invoice been raised for the balance? 
  • Have all required material purchases been placed for this Job?
  • etc.

2.  As another example, a factory based Employee may be required to fill out a Checklist when they are about to load a truck with finished goods.

     The Checklist could contain questions like

  • How many items are to be loaded?
  • Have all items been quality control checked by you?  
  • Has the truck driver signed our documentation?
  • etc.

3.  For another example, an Employee may be required to fill out a Checklist when they first start an on-site Task.

     The Checklist may contain questions like

  • Have you been inducted in onsite procedures?
  • Has the site's Health and Safety Policies been explained to you? 
  • Are all Hazards clearly identified
  • etc.

4.  There are two special types of checklists that are used when

  • Clocking In
  • Clicking on the Back From Lunch button 

For more information see The Clock In Checklist and The Back From Lunch Checklist


You can have an unlimited number of Checklists - but each Checklist must have a unique name. 

Each Checklist can have an unlimited number of any sort or type of questions that you wish to have.   

Checklists have Checklist Triggers. 

A Checklist Trigger is an event (e.g. clicking on a Green Start button in the Factory version) that displays the Checklist for the Employee to fill out.

Employees answer each question with a tick box yes or no or provide a brief comment before continuing past the Checklist Trigger event.

To allow Employees to use Checklists see Employees and Checklists.

To see how to add a Checklist see Adding a Checklist.

Checklists can be edited - see Editing a Checklist.

To report on Checklists see Checklist Reporting.  



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