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Introduction to Gantt Charts

A Gantt chart is a very powerful type of graphical bar graph that displays scheduled Jobs and Tasks, dates and related information based on the Schedule.

Empower's Gantt Charts support:

  • interactive live views of your Schedule, with easy drag and drop of Tasks that quickly updates the Schedule - for more information see View Gantt Charts
  • viewing Assigned Employees and Work Centers for Tasks and the ability to easily and quickly add additional Employees and Work Centers from within the Gantt Chart - for more information see The Job Section
  • multiple ways to sort Jobs including by Job Number and various dates - for more information on sorting by dates see Gantt Chart Sorting by Date  
  • various filters including Job Number, Process, Process Group, Job Status and Product Group - see The Gantt Chart Menu
  • calculating and graphically viewing critical paths - see The Job Section
  • the ability to color code Processes to allow for easier identification of bottlenecks and critical Tasks and Processes Gantt Chart Process Colors

 Below is an example of a Gantt Chart. Depending on your settings, various columns and menu items may be different  to that below - see Adding Fields to the Gantt Chart and Gantt Chart Sorting by Date.


Jobs can be expanded to display details on Tasks (see below), including the status, various dates, sequence of events, etc.


To get started with Gantt Charts, see View Gantt Charts


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