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Introduction to Reporting

Empower Factory Productivity and Scheduling gives you easy to use, powerful reporting, providing up to the minute information on

  • Jobs
  • Employee and department/work center productivity and throughput
  • Task deadlines
  • Forward work
  • Work In Progress 
  • and much much more. 

Reports can be viewed either on the screen or by saving the report on your own machine in Excel, PDF, or Word formats.  For more information see Exporting from Reports.

This allows you to easily analyse your business in a format you are used to, or alternatively you can send them to your local printer.  Most reports can be viewed for any range of dates, with a full history always available. 

Within Factory Productivity and Scheduling, reports are accessed by clicking on Reports in the main menu.  They are grouped as follows:

  • Productivity Reports - these provide information on the productivity of your Employees, Work Centers, Sub Factories, and Jobs
  • Customer Reports - these provide information on your Customers
  • Employee Reports - these provide information on your Employees, including Hours Worked and Leave information
  • Task Reports - these provide information on Finished Tasks, Reasons, and Project makeup
  • Job Reports - these provide information on your Customer's Jobs, your Work In Progress and dollar values of Jobs
  • Scheduling Reports - these allow an unlimited number of user customizable reports that report on when tasks need to be completed by to meet your deadline delivery dates. For more information see Introduction to Scheduling
  • Report Writer - this allows you to create an unlimited number of custom built reports that download cloud data to a csv file on your local machine.  For more information see Introduction To Report Writer

In addition you can create an unlimited number of customizable Track Reports that report on Job statuses for particular Processes. These allow you to click on a particular Job and drill down into the detail of the Job.  For more information see Introduction to Track Reports.

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