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Lunch Breaks

Employee promptness to and from breaks can be an area of non productivity in business. 

If Employees are, for example, three minutes early to, and three minutes late from, the start and end of day, smoko, and lunch time this can total 24 minutes per day which is 2 hours per week per Employee. 

If you have twenty Employees this is the equivalent of 40 hours lost time per week!   

As a result most Empower Time Track users require Employees to put Tasks On Hold at lunch time.

Empower Provides simple easy to use Go To Lunch and Back From Lunch buttons. 

To display these buttons in the Factory Version, from the Management Main Menu go to Tools > Settings. 


Ensure that the Show Lunch Break button is set to On (as highlighted above).  Note that only an Administrator can alter this setting. 

 Now the Factory version will have Go To and Back From Lunch buttons - you may need to refresh the browser of the Factory version to see these buttons. 


When the Employee is ready to go to lunch, clicking on this button puts the Employee’s Active Tasks On Hold and Clocks the Employee Out.

After lunch, clicking on the Back From Lunch button starts the Task or Tasks that the Employee was working on before lunch and Clocks the Employee back in.

Lunch breaks can be altered in the Management version - to do this, from the Main Management Menu go to View > Clocked In, and either click on the Go To Lunch or Back From Lunch button for the appropriate Employee.


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