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New Custom Report

To create a new Custom Report,  

1.  From the Main Management Menu go to Reports > Report Writer > New Custom Report

2.  Enter in a new Report Name.

3.  Select a data source from the drop down list and click on Save.

The following Data Sources are available
  • Customer Details  - this has Customer related data 
  • Employee Details - this has Employee related data 
  • Employee Hours Worked - this has data related to Employees and their Clock In and Clock Out Times 
  • Employee Time Spent - this has data related to Employees and time spent on Tasks for particular Jobs and Products
  • Jobs - his has data related to Jobs and Tasks
  • Tasks - this has data related to Tasks and Jobs 
  • Products - this has Product related data. 
Checking the Distinct check box will show only unique data - ie data rows that are the same will not be repeated.

4.  Select a field or fields from the drop down field box and click Add

To sort on a field, select from the sort column - you can have a maximum of 3 separate sorts.  If you do not want this field to be sorted on,  leave the sort blank

To select a set of available data, choose a value from the following Selections
  • Equals
  • Between
  • Less Than
  • Greater Than
  • Contains
  • Not Contains
  • Is Empty.
Most of these are self explanatory but note that
  • If using Between, you need two criteria
  • When using a date, the date should be in  yyyy-mm-dd format eg the 1st of March 2019 should be 2019-03-01. 

5.  Finally, click on Save.  To run the report see Run a Custom Report.

Some examples may help in understanding how this works - see Examples. 

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