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Overview of Empower

This is intended to be a short overview of terminology for developers intending to utilize Empower's API.

For more details in various terminology see Terminology.

A Job is a piece of work.  For more information see Introducing Jobs.

 Each Job is for a Customer.  

A Customer can have many Jobs but a particular Job can only be for one Customer.

Each Job needs a unique description that Empower Time Track calls the Job or Our Reference Number.

Each Job comprises one or more Products (Job Items).  A Product is something that is manufactured.  For more information see Setting Up Products. 

A Product can be in Multiple Jobs.

Each Product comprises one or more Processes.

Processes are operational steps required to make the Product.  For more information see Setting Up Processes.

Processes can be in multiple Products.

Each Process in a Product has a budget in hours or minutes.  Products can be reused and budgets altered from Job to Job.

When a Job is Created, a Task is created for each Process for each Product in that Job.   For more information see Introducing Tasks.

Tasks can be sequenced.  For more information see Auto Sequencing.

Each Task can be given or Assigned to one or more Employees or groups of Employees (a Work Center).  For more information see Assigning Tasks.


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