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To use Empower each device used to access Empower user needs a login Username and Password.  

For example it can either be Sams PC, Fred's phone, Installer Tablet etc, etc. or a work station that multiple people use,  e.g, FactoryPC1, PC_nearest_the_smoko_room, etc.

Each user should have their own unique username - do not use the same username for multiple work stations, computers, tablets or phones as this will slow your system down and also make for difficulties if a phone or tablet is lost or stolen. 

Empower requires passwords to be 9 characters or longer.

Empower strongly recommends that you a
lways use strong passwords.  A weak password

  • Contains your user name, real name, or company name

  • Contains a complete dictionary word. For example, Password is a weak password.

  • Obvious passwords (e.g. password1, 123123123, qwertyui, etc) will not be allowed to be saved.

    A strong password

  • Does not contain your user name, real name, or company name

  • Does not contain a complete dictionary word

  • Is significantly different from previous passwords. Passwords that increment (Password1Password2Password3) are not strong

  • Contains characters including numbers, capitalized and non capitalized alphanumeric characters and non alphanumeric characters (e.g. $%^ etc).

  • For phone/tablet/factory devices we recommend using a password that is difficult for someone not in your organisation to guess.  

     For example a combination of either the local sports team/local church/local school/the next street over from your street, combined with some of the digits from your shop truck or the bosses car number plate is difficult to guess but easy to remember. 

    Empower also strongly recommends that you carefully protect your password.  

    Do not write down your password and do not share your password with anyone.  Be careful about where passwords are stored and saved on computers, particularly if the computer is available for general public use.  

    Empower will never phone or email you asking for your password.

    If you believe your password has been compromised you should change it immediately - see The Account Page.  Empower strongly recommends you change your password regularly.

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