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Pre Production Jobs

Some Empower Factory Productivity and Scheduling Customers track and capture time on processes that occur before actual production occurs in the factory, examples could be design, pricing / quoting, selling, ordering materials etc.

Once the pre production Job is ready for production (e.g. once a quote has been accepted) you can then track factory or production processes.


To do this, add a new Job.  From the main menu go to Job > New.  See Introducing Jobs.

Some Empower Customers add a letter (for example Q) before the Job Number to signify this is a quoted Job only at this stage.

The Product that is entered maybe called for example Pre Production.  Pre Production can include any processes you like, e.g. 

  • Design
  • Price
  • Materials
  • Programming, etc.

 See also Setting Up Products.

When ready to carry out the Production Processes (e.g. your client accepts the quote), go back and edit the Job.  See Editing Jobs.  

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