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Product Budget Times

When setting up Products and entering
 Budget Times either

  • Put the Budget Times in straight away.  In the Product page - see Setting Up Products, enter the Budget Times based on current costing records or knowledge
  • Put Budget Times in at a later stage e.g. in say three months time.  In the Products page either leave this blank or at zero.  Run Empower Time Track for the three months to record the history of all the Actual Times - and the average of those times.  Then in three months you can then enter those times into Empower Time Track.

 The benefits of waiting three months before entering Budget Times are

  • One less thing to do to get Empower Time Track up and running
  • Less risk of putting in higher Budget Times that may result in unmotivated Employees dragging Tasks out
  • You can get your immediate productivity gains from Empower Time Track from Employees being aware that their times from Clocking In and Out and Logging In and Out are being recorded and analyzed.

 The drawbacks of waiting three months before entering Budget Times are

  • You are not motivating Employees from day one as there are no Budget Times for them to be aware of
  • You can not use Projects, as Projects require the Underlying Tasks to have Budget Times
  • Productivity reports will not have Budget Times to compare Actual Times to.

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