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To make a Project 

1. From the Main Management Menu, go to Task > New Project.


2. Enter a name for the Project - see highlighted above.

3. Select the Tasks to group or batch together by clicking on the check box next to the Task - see the highlighted check boxes above.  You can select as many Tasks as you wish. 

4. Click on Save.
This will create the Project.  The Project can be assigned in the same way that a (non Project) Task is assigned.

See Assigning Tasks. 


Employees see the Project only.  They do not see all the Underlying Tasks that make up the Project.

When the Project is finished the Underlying Tasks will also be finished with the respective times next to each Job (both Budget and Actual times).

If you wish to change the name of a project click on the Task Number to Edit the Task (for more information see Editing Tasks) and change the name of the Project as highlighted below.


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