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Providing Materials

When Materials are used up or provided to a Job this should be recorded in Empower.

To do this and to update your stock control, from the Main Menu select Material > Provided.

You should see a page similar to


Select a check box to either Provide Materials to

  • a Job Number, or
  • without a Job - this could be for example for general consumables eg sandpaper / masking tape etc etc. 

 For this example we will select a Job Number, after which you should see a page similar to


Select a Material Name and Code from the drop down box (highlighted above) and the Quantity Provided (highlighted above) and click Add.

This will remove that quantity of Material from your stock and add it and the related cost to the Job's Bill Of Materials.

It is also possible to Provide Materials from with in the Management and Factory versions - for more information see

Adding Material to a Job in Management

Providing Materials In Factory - t
o see a video of this click here.

Attaching Materials to a Product

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