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You may wish to alter who is Assigned to a Task, perhaps you need to either

  • change who the Task is assigned to, or
  • add additional Employees to the Task.
To do this from the Management Main Menu go to Task > Reassign > Reassign.


Click Reassign next to the selected Task (highlighted above).

Then click on the down arrow at the right side of the drop down box (highlighted below)


Select the appropriate Employee or Work Center and click Assign.

To see only Employees or Work Centers in your Sub Factory see Sub Factories.

To add additional Employees or Work Centers, keep clicking on the check box next to an Employee or Work Center.  

It is possible to Reassign more than one Task at once.

To do this, check the Box under the Multi Assign Column for each Task to be Reassigned (see highlighted example below) then click on Multi Assign.


Once you have used Empower
Time Track for some time, due to the number of Tasks in the system, you may find it difficult to find the Task.  

In this case search for the Task in Reassign Search.  
This allows you to search for the Task by selecting the Job Number. 

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