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Rework is work required to be done again due to errors or mistakes that were made.

Empower Time Track allows for the tracking and monitoring of time spent on Rework.  

Each time a Rework Task is started, the Employee will be prompted for a Reason for the Rework.

Rework Reasons can be reported on by selecting several reports in Reports > Tasks > Reasons.

To set up Rework Reasons, from the Main Menu go to Set Up > Reasons > Rework Reasons.

 Enter the Rework Reasons you would like Employees to choose from.


There are two ways to use Rework.

1.  To track Rework for each Product in each Job, add a Process called Rework to each Product.  The next time a Job with that Product in it is created, a Rework Task will be created.  

2.   Alternatively to track Rework for each Job, create a Product called Rework, with a Process call Rework and add the Rework Product into the Job.  To see how this can be automatic see Automatically Adding Rework. 

Whatever way you decide to use Reworks, once the Rework Task has been created, then Assign that Task just like any other Task.

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