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View Track Reports

To view an existing Track Report,  from the Main Management Menu go to View > Track Reports.


From the drop down list, select the report to be viewed.


For each Product in each Job you will see the Customer, Product, Job Received and Required by Dates, Field 1 and 2 and a status of

  • Y = Yet To Start
  • A = Active
  • O = On Hold
  • F = Finished
for each Process you selected in Add New Track Report.

Note that it is possible to

  • use the drop down boxes (see highlighted below) to search for a Job Number, a Job Group, a Product or a Sales Person. 


  • download these reports to Microsoft Excel by clicking on the download button (highlighted below).


In some combinations of operating systems and Microsoft Excel versions, this may display a blank screen in Microsoft Excel.

To fix this navigate to the file - e.g. in Google Chrome select the file - see below 


Then click on show in folder


 Then right click on the file and select Properties and ensure the unblock is checked (see highlighted below) 

Finally click on OK.  Then you should be able to open the file.


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