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Capacity By Process

Empower quickly and easily shows the Processes in your business where you may be over or under committed and allows you to do something about it.

To set up Scheduling Capacity by Process

1.  Ensure at least one Schedule has been set up - for more information see Add New Schedule

2.  To add or Edit the Capacity for a Process, from the Main Management Menu select Set Up > Process - you should see a page similar to 


Edit the Capacity for each Process by adding in the Daily Capacity in hours - e.g. below there is are 16 hours per day available for Assemble and 8 hours per day available for Cut.


It is also possible to add or edit the Capacity of a Process Group see Process Groups.  

3.  From the Main Management Menu go to View > Scheduling > Capacity > By Process.

You should see something similar to


4.   Click on the Select By Processes check box (highlighted above) to select one or more Processes.


Alternatively click on select By Process Group to select by Process Group.

5.  Once the dates and the Processes or a Process Group have been selected, you should see something similar to


6.  In the example above

  • The capacity in any one day has been set to 24 hours (highlighted above)

  • On both the 14th, the Time Left of work to be completed is 18 hours.

7.  Clicking on the bar will display the related Schedule for that Process or Process Group. For more information on Viewing Schedules see - see View Schedule.

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