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Setting Up Location Tracking

To set up Location Tracking:

1.  You will need to be an Empower Administrator.  If you are not an Administrator you should contact your company's Empower Administrator.

2.  Location Tracking tracks the User Name.  Empower recommends that each Employee operating offsite have their own User Name.  Note that Phone App users must have Location Tracking set up and set to True. For more information on setting up User Names see Adding a User.

3.  From the main menu of the Account version go to User > Edit User and select the User Name to be tracked.  You should see a page similar to



 Ensure that Allow Location Tracking is set to True (highlighted above) and click on Save.

4.  The Employee being tracked will need to use this Login and also will:

- if using Empower's Apple iOS App need to have Location Services enabled.  This can be enabled either in the iOS App or from the phone at Settings > Privacy > Location Services

- if using Empower's Android App need to set High Accuracy mode.  This can be set either in the Android App or by opening Settings then Select Location and the mode should be set at High Accuracy.

5.  If the device asks to allow your location to be tracked you should select yes.

Each time the Employee clicks a button on the Factory version home page, start stop end pages, or Work Center page, the Location of the device will be tracked.

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