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Setting Up Products

A Product is something you manufacture. 

Products can either be

  • a completely manufactured item, or 
  • part of an item that you manufacture (you may know these as a sub component, or a part, or an item, etc.)

Products have steps or Processes that are carried out to manufacture them - examples
of Proce
sses could be cut, drill, assemble, etc.  

You can have whatever Processes you wish and have an unlimited number of them.

A Product has a Budget for each Process. For example there could be a budget of 1 hour for the Assembly Process.

Products names careful thought.  Products names

  • Should be different from each other 
  • Are what Employees see in the factory version.  They should be easily understood by Employees.


If a Product has different Processes from another Product it should have a different name.

To set up a Product from the Main Menu, go to Set Up > Product and click Add new.


Type in the name of the Product.

Then click on the arrow to the right of the box under Processes and select each Process you require and the Budget Time if you know it - then click Add.  See also Product Budget Times.

Note that if your times are in hours rather than minutes you can change this in Tools > Settings, under the General tab. 

Do this for each Process.  

When finished your page should look something like


That’s it for entering your first Product. 

If the list is in the wrong order, simply drag and drop the Processes around - e.g. below the Assemble Process has been dragged to the top of the list.


Once Products have been entered, a listing of Products in Empower can be printed.  To do this, from the Main Menu go to Reports > Product > Listing.

Or alternatively to print a listing of Products with Budgeted times for each Process, from the Main Menu go to Reports > Product > Budgeted Times.

Once you have set Up our Products its time for Setting Up Employees.

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