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Sharing Jobs with Your Customers

Empower allows the safe and secure sharing of real time live Job information with your Customers without them having to login to Empower or to your systems.  

Your Customers can only view Jobs that you allow them to view, and can not alter any information.

A few simple clicks of a button allows your Customer to quickly and easily see the live status of each Task in that Job together with the scheduled date (if the Tasks have been scheduled).

The status of each Task is classified as Yet to Start, In Progress (this is for On Hold and Active) and Finished.

You can share as many Jobs as you wish with as many people as you wish and can delete people from the shared list if you wish.

There are two ways to share Job Status information

1. Sharing a Job allows the status and Scheduled Date of Tasks in a single Job to be viewed by your Customer.   No other Job Information, or other Jobs can be viewed. Jobs can be shared from the Job > Edit,  Job > View and Job > Undispatched Jobs pages

2.  Sharing all Jobs With a Customer allows that Customer to select a Job from a drop down list of all their Jobs and then see the status of the Tasks for that Job.  No other Customer's Jobs can be viewed by your Customer.   

The view your Customer has is live into Empower, so if, for example, Assembly is Finished and a few seconds later your Customer clicks on the link, it will show Assembly as Finished.  Similarly if the Schedule is updated and gives a different Scheduled date that will also be updated.

Rework Jobs or Tasks will not be visible to your Customer.

Note also that if a Task is On Hold your Customer will not see the status of On Hold, but rather will see the status as "In Progress".

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