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Strict Smoko Times

Smoko breaks are tea/coffee/morning and afternoon tea breaks that Employees have.

 Employee promptness to and from breaks can be an area of non productivity in business.  If Employees are, for example, three minutes early to, and three minutes late from, the start and end of day, smoko, and lunch time this will total 24 minutes per day which is 2 hours per week per Employee. 

If you have twenty Employees this is the equivalent of forty hours lost time per week! 

As a result many Empower Time Track users require Employees to be tracked at Smoko time - for more information on how to track Smoko Times see Smoko Breaks.

Empower allows for the enforcement of strictly enforced Smoko Times.

How this works is that each Employee is given a time in minutes for a smoko break.

If they take longer than that time for the smoko break then the additional time taken is deducted from their hours worked time.  

If they take less than that time for the smoko break then the difference in time taken is added to their hours worked time.  

For example:

  • Imagine an Employee who works exactly 8 hours on a given day and where the Strict Smoko Time is set at 10 minutes 
  • Should the Employee take 15 minutes then 5 minutes will be deducted from the hours worked for that day - ie it will show as 7 hours and 55 minutes
  • Should the Employee take 5 minutes then 5 minutes will be added to the hours worked for that day - ie it will show as 8 hours and 5 minutes.

Note that only one report at Reports > Employee > Hours Worked > Details With Strict Smokos displays this information.  All other reports and pages within Empower Time Track remain unaffected.

To set up Strict Smoko Times

1.  From the Main Menu - select Set Up > Advanced Set Up > Strict Smoko Times.

     You should see a page similar to


2. Select each Employee's name, a day and the times for that day, e.g.


    ​Note that if no day is selected then then Strict Smoko times will not be enforced for that day.  A blank Smoko Time will be taken as 0 minutes.

3.  By clicking on Copy you can copy the Strict Smoko Times to other Employees.

4.  Finally run the report at  Reports > Employee > Hours Worked > Details With Strict Smokos.   

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