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The Calendar Section

1.  The Calendar Section of the Gantt Chart displays Jobs, Tasks and related information (see below highlighted in yellow)

2.  The Calendar Section can be moved to the right or left with either the scroll bar at the bottom of the page or with the Move back or Move Forward buttons (see highlighted below)

3.  Depending on your device and mouse settings, and once Jobs have been clicked on and Tasks are visible scale of the calendar moving your mouse wheel may alter the calendar scale (see next two diagrams) to provide greater or less detail.



4.  Weekends will be shown as slightly shaded (see outlined below) - for more information on hiding weekends see Hide Weekends.


5.  Similarly - Company Vacations are shown in a slightly darker shade (see outlined below) - for more information on Company Vacations see Vacations and Scheduling.


6.  Tasks that look like a small diamond (see highlighted below) are Tasks with a budget of zero hours


7.  Sequencing is also visible on the Gantt chart (see highlighted below)


8.  Tasks that are partially completed are shown with a darker solid line (see highlighted below)


9.  Tasks can be dragged and dropped to increase or decrease the start and finish dates.

10. Putting the cursor over the Task bar and clicking will display the Edit Task page.

11. It is possible to Automatically move succeeding Tasks with Auto Move.

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