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The Easy Start Page

After logging on to Management, The Management Main Menu, showing the Management Easy Start page will display.


This page will get you up and running quickly and easily with Empower.

 Clicking on each of the menu items in the Easy Start Page will take you directly to the relevant place in Empower without having to learn how to find those pages or reports.

Taking each in turn


1. Add a Product. For an overview see Setting Up Products and for more details see Products

2. Change or Edit a Product. See Editing Products

Jobs and Tasks 

3. Enter a Job. For an overview see Introducing Jobs and for more details see Jobs  

4. View or Edit a Job or Task. See Editing Jobs and Editing Tasks

5. Job Cost - this report provides back costing information on Jobs  


6. Add or change Employee information.  See Setting Up Employees  

7. Edit times.  See Managing Time

8. Payroll Details - this report provides payroll details.

Getting Started

This section is intended for first time or novice Empower users 

9. Getting Started Time Track Tutorials
10. Getting Started Help

11. More Help

12. Setting Up Employees

13. Employees Clocking In and Out

14. Add Jobs

What's New

15. What's new.  This shows recent developments and enhancements to Empower.

In addition to the menu items on the Easy Start page you can also navigate to other pages using 
the Management Main Menu. 



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