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The Job Section

The Job Section of the Gantt Chart displays Jobs, Tasks and related information (see below outlined in yellow) - note that Tasks with a Task Scheduled Date older than a week ago will not be displayed.


The standard fields are Job No, Task Status, Scheduled Date, Est Finished Date and Employee Assigned.  

These can be removed and others added - for more information see Adding Fields to the Gantt Chart.

The width of these columns can be dragged on dropped by moving your mouse over the hidden borders area between the columns and dragging them (see highlighted below)


Clicking on the small triangle to the left of the Job number (see highlighted below) expands the Job and displays Tasks associated with that Job


Employees and Work Centers can be Assigned and Unassigned from the Gantt Chart - to do this for a particular Task click under the Employee Assigned column (see highlighted below) and Assign or Unassigned Employees and Work Centers.

Note that to be able to do this the Employee/Work Center must be assigned to a Task somewhere on the Gantt Chart.



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