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The Short Cut Tool Bar

Empower provides for the option of having quick keys or a short cut tool bar - see highlighted below


If your User Login does not have this enabled and you wish to see this menu see the Display Toolbar page to see how to display and enable it. 

The short cut tool bar provides short cut access to selected pages and reports.  You can also access each of these by going into the respective menu bar options above the quick keys - for example

clicking on the first one ( a green tick) is the same as selecting Job > New. 

Moving the mouse over the symbol displays the name of the symbol.  We suggest that you copy this page and put in on your wall until you become familiar with the symbols.

The short cut tool bar looks as follows

  1        2   3 4       5 6    7 8 9   10 11   12 13    14  15 16   17

For the purposes of this help system, each button has a number as follows:

1 New Job - see Introducing Jobs

2 Assign Tasks - see Assigning Tasks

3 Reassign Tasks - see Reassigning

4 Reassign Task Search - see Reassign Search

5 Work Center Tasks - see Work Centers

6 Edit Employee Work - see 

7 Edit Task - see Editing Tasks

8 Edit Job - see Introducing Jobs

9 View Job

10 Productivity Details For a Job

11 Job - WIP Details

12 Task Start and End

13 Finish Jobs - see Finishing Jobs

14 Dispatch Jobs - see Dispatching Jobs

15 Who's Working On What - see Who Is Working On What

16 View Clocked In - see View Clocked In Employees

17  View Schedule - see View Schedule.

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