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Empower Factory Productivity and Scheduling is a tool developed for production management. It will

  • Identify, target, and help you in doing something about specific productivity improvements
  • Support scheduling, identify capacity bottlenecks and help with forward work load planning
  • Align your people with the way you wish to run your business
  • Be easy to use, both for staff and management. You don't have to be an accountant or a computer expert to use it.  It is easy and simple for staff to use.


Empower Factory Productivity and Scheduling will benefit your business by

  • Optimizing labor costs by measuring Employee output (as opposed to input)
  • Quickly and simply record time taken by Employees, without unnecessary paper, double entry, delays or additional administrative staff overheads
  • Providing accurate forward work loads and scheduling, at an individual or group of Employees level, or for all or part of your factory
  • Accurately back costing groups of Jobs, Jobs or parts of Jobs
  • Allowing better decision making on machinery and plant utilisation, deployment and replacement.


Empower Factory Productivity and Scheduling has two components

  • The Factory version.  This is what Employees use to start and stop Tasks.  There is also a Phone App able to be downloaded and used to start and stop Tasks.
  • The Management version.  This is used by Management to set up Jobs, view Schedules, carry out reporting, etc.


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If you are a first time Empower Factory Productivity and Scheduling user you should carefully read and understand this Introduction, and the Getting Started portion of the help system.


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