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Vacations and Scheduling

There will be days when Tasks cannot be scheduled because your company is closed for that day - eg a public holiday like Christmas day.

Within Empower these are called Company Vacations - essentially these are days that Tasks cannot be scheduled on.

There are three ways to set up Company Vacations.

1. The first way is to set up a Company Vacation for a single day or small number of days.  To do this - see Adding a Single Company Vacation.

2.  The second way to add Company Vacations is to add a number of days at the same time.  To do this - see Adding Several Company Vacation Days.

3.   The third way is to automatically add Company Vacations for a year for your country.  To do this see - Adding Auto Vacations.

Once Company Vacations have been added you should be able to see them when viewing the Schedule in

- View > Scheduling > Schedule or

- Employee Schedule or

- Process Schedule,

then the Company Vacation dates will be highlighted in Blue (see below as an example)


Similarly when viewing Jobs Due Each week, in Job > Jobs Due Each Week, they will also be highlighted in Blue (see below)


Similarly in the View > Scheduling > Capacity pages Company Vacations will also be visible (see highlighted below)

Similarly in the View > Scheduling > Gantt Chart page, Company Vacations will be shown in a light blue color (see circled below)


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