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View Clocked In Employees

Empower Factory Productivity and Scheduling allows you
to see those Employees who are Clocked In and Clocked Out at a glance. 

This should be checked each morning and towards the end of each day to ensure Employees are Clocking In and Out correctly.

To do this, from the Main Management Menu go to View > Clocked In


Clicking the Clock Out All button will Clock Out all Employees and put any Active Tasks to On Hold.

For the first few weeks of using Empower Factory Productivity and Scheduling this is a useful button to use at the end of the day if any Employees forget or are unable to put their Tasks On Hold or to Clock Off at the end of the day. 

In this situation it is important though to note who these Employees are so they can be given further training and reminders about clocking out and logging off.

Clicking on the Go To Lunch button will Clock the Employee out and place all active Tasks for that Employee on Hold.  Similarly Clicking on the Back From Lunch button will Clock the Employee back in and make Active any Tasks the Employee was working on before lunch.

 To hide or filter some Employees see Sub Factories.

 To view the Employees Location click on the Location button - for more information on Location Tracking see Location Tracking.

The comment field in the Clocked Out area (highlighted below) is useful to record information such about the Employee, eg Not back until Wednesday etc.  To add or change the comment just click in the comment box and add or delete information.

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