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View Process Schedule

It is possible to view the Schedule and Capacity for each Process - i.e. display the various Tasks scheduled for each day for each Process.

To view the Process Schedule, from the Main Management Menu go to View > Scheduling > Process Schedule.

You should see something similar to


By default all Processes will be visible - but it is possible to filter on one or more Processes or by Status (ie Active / On Hold / Yet to Start).    

As an example of how to filter this by Process click on the Select Processes drop down box.

To illustrate, we have clicked on Drill and Edge - see below.


This will filter on Drill and Edge with other Processes not being displayed.

Clicking the arrow next to the Process name hides or displays the Tasks for that Process - see below.



The following should be noted

1. The first column (highlighted above) displays the daily Capacity (in this instance 8 hours) and also displays the number of hours scheduled for each day (in this instance 14 for the 18th, 4 for the 19th etc).

    Days with more hours scheduled than there is capacity are highlighted in red (in the example above the 18th has 14 hours scheduled with only a capacity of 8).  For more capacity pages see Scheduling Capacity.

2.  Each Task is displayed on the day it is scheduled.  If there is more than one Task scheduled on a particular day, the Tasks displayed on that day are ordered by Job Priority.

3.  The number in brackets after each Process name is the number of Tasks scheduled for that Process for the week.  If there are no Tasks scheduled for a Process the Process name will not be displayed

4.  By default, the color of the Task shows the Task's status - white is Yet To Start, green is Active, and Orange is On Hold. Finished Tasks are not displayed.  For more color option see Scheduled Task Colors


5.  If there are large numbers of Tasks for any given day you can also view Tasks in a daily view rather than in a weekly view.  To do this, at the top right hand side of the page select the day button.

6. Tasks can be dragged and dropped from one day to the next - for more information see Moving Scheduled Tasks.

7. Clicking a Task will display the Edit Task page - as per below - for more information see Editing Tasks.


8.   Weekends can be hidden or displayed in Tools > Settings - for more information see Hide Weekends

9.   The data displayed on the schedule can be altered - for more information see Adding Fields to the Schedule.

10.   Scheduled dates for Tasks for a particular Job can be seen in the Job > View Job page - see Viewing Jobs.

11. Company Vacations and Employee Leave will be also be displayed - see Vacations and Scheduling and Managing Leave,

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