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Viewing Jobs

To view Job related information, from the Main Management Menu go to 
Job > View > View Job. 

You should see a page similar to


Click on either Undispatched Jobs, Dispatched Jobs or All Jobs (note that Undispatched Jobs will usually be fastest).

From the drop down box, search for the Job Number.   You should see a page similar to



From this page you can

  • View the Job's Progress (note this does not display for Downtime Products), Actual Time on the Job and Job Duration (this does not display if there is no Job Required By Date).
  • Edit a Task's Budget, Is Locked Status and Scheduled Date - to do this click on Edit next to the Task that you want to change.  
  • Click on the Job Number to edit the Job - see Editing Jobs
  • Click on a Task Number to edit a particular Task - see Editing Tasks
  • Assign Tasks to Employees and Work Centers - for more information on Assigning Tasks see Assigning Tasks

The Scheduled column will only have dates for scheduled Tasks.  For more information on Scheduling see Scheduling.  

The Is Locked column will only have information if the Task has been locked for Scheduling - for more information see Lock Tasks.

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