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 Empower has more than 180 Customers manufacturing in a wide range of industries

 Here are some genuine comments from some of them or view videos

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"In three years since putting in Empower Software our overall factory productivity has increased by 114%. Our new edge bander contributed 14% to our overall factory productivity increase - leaving 100% productivity Increase solely to Empower Software.Read more  watch video part 1  watch video part 2  Mark Tozer, Managing Director, Peppertree Furniture Pty Ltd
"Within 6 months of using the software we had turned our factory productivity on its ear, increasing it by an absolute minimum 30%... At 8 years on using Empower Software we have increased our Factory Productivity by an estimated 50%. We are now a much more competitive and stable business looking at growing sales, factory staff and annual profit. Empower Software is the best thing I have done in my business since owning the business in 1987." Read more  watch video  Peter Morelli, owner, M.A.R.S. Transport Equipment Pty Ltd
"As a world class boat builder, using Empower we now have a world class software solution for managing our production activity... we have witnessed significant factory productivity increases and time saving..." Read more  David Porter, Director, McMullen & Wing
"We witnessed a 40% increase in our factory productivity within the first 3 months... a colleague running another manufacturing business heard we had Empower and phoned me to seek my advice. I respectfully advised him at the end our conversation "you would me mad not to put Empower in as it certainly does work". This colleague followed my advice and put in Empower and I know he too has secured substantial increases in his factory productivity and is very happy with it". Read more  Bert Walton, Production Director, Rata Industries
"With Empower we have achieved a 24% additional production from our staff. We have been using Empower Software for 8 years now and it is saving us $190,000 per annum in wage cost "  watch video  Barrett Joinery
"We've had Empower in our factory for over 5 years...we use Empower to pay bonuses to staff...Going back to time cards(before Empower) would knock us back 10-20%, it wouldn't be an option to do that, as Empower is too valuable to do that. On our manual system 3 hours per staff member per week was lost in all forms of Downtime in contracts, using Empower we have got this down to 1 hour per staff member per week, so this is a 2 hour per staff member per week saving across 40 staff is a 80 prooduction hours per week total saving. Empower also saves a huge amount of lost produciton time from our staff keeping prompt at 8 times a day, day start, both sides of smokos, both sides of lunch and day end "  watch video  Shaun Simpson, General Manager, Central Joinery LTD
"We have had Empower for over five years and have never missed a delivery date since installing Empower."  watch video   "Empower Software saved us $600,000 in wage costs.Read more  Russell Reardon, Owner, Kitchens R Us and Mr Shelf
"We regard Empower HQ as a strategic partner to our business. We regard Empower Software as an essential tool and we could not contemplate running our business without Empower in the future." Read more  watch video  Andy Pitcher, Chief Executive Officer, Page and Co.
"We have had a 20-25% improvement in productivity from Empower, we originally thought it would have a negative affect on the guys, but that hasn't been the case. It was recommended to us and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, it's a wonderful tool." Read more article1  article2  watch video  Mike Arcari, Owner,  Express Sheetmetals
"Empower has dramatically changed and improved the culture of our factory floor. It started working for us on the very first day we put in. Within six months of using it we achieved 25% additional production from our factory staff."  watch video  Rob Pickup, Owner, Total Timba
"Using Empower Factory Productivity Software we have maintained our weekly production with 40% less factory staff. This is a 66% increase in our factory productivity." Read more  Ricky Wagner  Riverland Cabinet Makers
"Using PCs on the factory floor and Empower Software we get 65% more kitchens out the door each week, with the same factory staff number and same hours worked." Read more    Nick McLagan, Production Manager, Jag Kitchens
"We have achieved a 40% increase in our factory productivity." Read more    Seb Packer, Managing Director  Packer Windows and Doors Pty Ltd. Adelaide, SA
"Within 3 months of using Empower production increased by 30%. The system is nothing sort of remarkable. It has enabled us to be alot more productive and competitive in the market place... Empower has proved to us to be a serious money making tool." Read more    Paul Williams, Managing Director, Comace Pty Ltd
"With time cards we required 25 staff. Within 12 months of using Empower we only required 18 staff & production levels have been maintained" Read more  Russell Cull, Managing Director, Reflex Boats
"Empower is a great production manager's tool. Our factory has increased by an estimated 25%"  Read more  Richard Grey, Factory Manager, Gartshore Group
"We have achieved a 25% increase in our staff and factory productivity"  Read more   Mitchell Black, Production Manager, Finecut Joinery
"Minimum 25% increase in factory productivity in the first year. Resulted in no overtime required at any time including Christmas." Read more    Andrew Pfitzner, Owner, Pfitzner Furniture Pty Ltd Adelaide, SA
"I estimate that our factory productivity has increased by 25%. That is, we get 25% more production out the door each day using Empower which is 25% more daily revenue"  Read more   Allen, Production Manager, Halswell Timber
"We have achieved a 20% increase in our factory productivity using Empower Software. We highly recommend Empower as it has certainly helped Misco Joinery with our growth over the past 18 months." Read more   Glen Colenso, Managing Director, Misco Joinery
"We are doing the same level of work with two less people" Greg Tasker, Owner.
"We have had Empower for three months so far and productivity increases are up 15%...the purchase and implementation of Empower software has been the most strategically important decision made in the business in 10 years"  Read more  Tasker Joinery PTY Ltd
"We achieved 15% productivity increase overall. We have got significant productivity gains in the factory and will get more gains with more management focus on Empower. I estimate Empower paid for itself fully within 6 months" Read more  Stuart Cowan, Director, JB Joinery
"We have been using Empower for 6 years...and estimate that our weekly output has increased conservative 15%" Read more  watch video  Ken Monk, Owner manager, Montage Kitchens
"I'm pretty excited about (Empower). I see it as one of the biggest potential improvements to our business of the last decade. We've already increased our factory productivity by 15%." Rob Turner, Alby Turner & Son Pty Ltd
"Empower has increased our productivity by 45%." Glen Scott, Managing Director, Sarajane Furniture
"Empower has changed my business around"  watch video  Richard Hein, Owner, Total Kitchen Solutions
"Ferndale Furniture employ 35 staff, our estimated production efficiencies using Empower is in excess of 11% reduction of our annual labour costs - which equates to $200,000 cost saving per year"  Grant Macdonald, Director,  Ferndale
"Using Empower we have achieved a 33% increase in production from the same factory staff. It has made a huge improvement to our cost competitiveness and resultant ability to win more jobs and has made a huge improvement to our bottom line."  Blair Harris, Owner, Wedgerwood Joinery
"We have been using Empower for 4 years. Empower gives you cold hard facts. We can see where the losses are, whether we are not quoting enough or whether there are losses in the factory." Watch Video  Graham Walton, Production Manager, Elite Kitchens
"We have found Empower a very good and comprehensive labour and production management system. On-going development of Empower is always occurring and support from Empower HQ is good and prompt. I have no reservations in recommending Empower to other engineers and other manufacturers."  Read more  Mark Callen, GM Finance Longveld
"Empower allows us to use hard data in our performance reviews with our staff. Staff have endorsed the system and have become aware that time is money. Empower has made a huge contribution between the culture of the staff and awareness of time management and to find inefficiencies in our business." Watch Video  Darryl Coleman, Owner, Delta Stock Crates
"I don't believe there is anything on the market like Empower. It's totally changed the way we manufacture. I would recommend it unreservedly." Watch Video Peter Langford, General Manager  Premier Furniture Pty Ltd
"Empower is hugely beneficial...I have no hesitation in recommending it."  watch video  Paul Burgess, MD, Neo Design  Neo Design
"Before Empower Cloud we relied on timesheets that were essentially useless. The data was too little, too late and very inaccurate. We estimate a 25% increase (and growing) productivity gain in using Empower Cloud."  Brett Hamilton, Managing Director, Techlam
"Empower is the best thing we've ever done."  watch video  Peter Baylis, Owner, Vogue Kitchens & Appliances
"We have achieved a 20% increase in our factory productivity using Empower Factory Productivity and Job Scheduling Software" Read more  Peter Healey, Owner, Mastercraft Kitchens By Healey
"We have achieved a 20% increase in our factory productivity using Empower Factory Productivity and Job Scheduling Software" Read more  John Segalla, General Manager Auckland, Johnson and Couzins
"There is no doubt in my mind that in the near future the majority of Australian kitchen, furniture, and joinery manufacturers will be using Empower because without it they will NOT be able to remain cost competitive." Jason Petkovic, Owner, Angelo Petkovic Cabinets Pty Ltd
"We love it and its really starting to work and go well. Michelle Lawson Trethewey Industries Pty Ltd (Autobaler)
"There is certainly a positive change as all our factory staff are understanding what the company is trying to achieve in terms of times they need to meet on each and all jobs and production deadlines - a real time perspective. I estimate we have achieved a 25% increase in our factory productivity." Read more  Ben Browne, Production Manager, Specialised Building Systems
"Congratulations on creating such an excellent Time Tracking system. I was apprehensive to start with as I thought it would be a big change but we were up and running within an hour or so of having been set up on Cloud. The scheduling part of the system is very easy to use and has helped us become a lot more proactive with following up tasks." Jon Craddock, Operations Manager, Interia Systems
"Empower is the only tool that has enabled us to properly schedule jobs and manage our labour cost. It has taken our business to the next level of professionalism and factory productivity." Jim Lazarou, Owner, J & D Lazarou Cabinet & Joinery Pty Ltd
"The main thing I like about the system is its ability to track times and productivity of individual employees rather than a team of employees." Jim Grist, Production Manager, Capeview Building Products Pty Ltd
"We are 3 months into Empower now and Kitchens are certainly going through the factory quicker and smoother. It is a great system, there is no shortage of support from Empower HQ and all is good. I am expecting further big gains over the next few months" Malcom Schier, Owner, Schier Cabinet Makers Pty Ltd
"Empower is an essential production and productivity tool to our business" Simon Bowler, General Manager, Silver Lynx Pty Ltd
"We have seen a massive leap in the accuracy of our job tracking and our business control. We now have a real handle on all forms of slippage of time and downtime daily and our staff and factory productivity is increasing significantly." Mike Wilson, Owner, Bremich Cabinetmakers Ltd
"Empower has unquestionably improved our productivity and efficiency" Blair McKolskey, General Manager, Finewood
"Your system has been working greatly for us, it has helped us in costing a lot of our jobs" Brendan Quinsey, TMP Group Pty Ltd
"Empower is going great. No hassles, and has been a real eye opener as to the time spent on jobs!" Alex Fougere, Mid-West Engineering Ltd
"I gave a staff member a very realistic and accurate budget of 4 hours to do a job last week. The staff member completed the job in 1.5 hours that is 2.5 hours less than budgeted time. He achieved this as firstly, he wanted to beat the computer and time and secondly, to prove a point to management that he is highly productive. Needless to say Empower is working well in our business" Ken, IVR Group Pty Ltd
"Before I had Empower Software, I had no idea of the labour times taken on each of my Products or stages of each of my Products. Now that I have Empower Software, I now know live and with accuracy the labour times taken on every Product and stage of every Product. Knowing the bottom line profitability of each of my Products, with accuracy, is invaluable to the profitability and growth of my business" Barry Evans, Managing Director, WoodLynn Ltd
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