11 Core Reporting Areas

Reporting in real time from workshop floor and accurate to the minute

Reporting is companywide to all devices – computers, tablets, phones and big screen TV monitors on office walls and workshop walls.

Digital Technology enables a ‘paperless environment.’

Scheduling, tracking and reporting Workshop floor staff.  Companywide scheduling, tracking and reporting of pre production staff and any off site work

Management Reporting
1     Individual workshop staff Jobs times and Task times (ie actual to budgeted time)
2    Job times and underlying Task times
3    Job status and work in progress, of Jobs and underlying Tasks
4    Job Scheduling. Graphical screens and reports, calendars and Gantt Charts. Latest technology and industry leading
5    All forms of Downtime and Unproductive time
6    Hours worked, for Payroll. Holiday/Leave planning and tracking

Workshop Staff Reporting – Viewable to Workshop Staff on Tablets on Workshop Floor 
7    Job priorities, Due by Dates, Task Budgeted times and Task Actual times viewable to workshop staff enables them to be fully informed, aware, engaged to continously drive their own jobs and productivity
8    Issues from workshop floor and staff reasons for: Jobs On Hold, Rework, Budgeted Time Exceeded, reported back to management in real time
9    Custom Checklists Reporting for workshop staff to complete prior to or on completion of Jobs.  Checklists can include Job Specifications compliance and Job Risk and Hazard Assessment and Incident Records

Our clients’ clients can access Empower in real time to view and monitor the current status of their jobs in real time
11    Our clients’ clients can access Empower in real time to view and monitor all their current Jobs in real time

For any off site staff you have option of GPS tracking using Google Earth

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