14 Lean Consultants’ / Production Experts’ Testimonials

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Lean Manufacturing Australia (Perth, WA, Australia)

20% to 40% Less Time on Jobs

I have seen and used a number of factory floor data collection software tools over the years both here in Australia and the UK, none as good as Empower Software.

Using Tablets on workshop floor and Empower Software a 20% to 40% Reduction in Job times is expected for the substantial majority of manufacturing and engineering clients…”

Marcus Ward, Director, Lean Senior Consultant


Jupiter Lean Manufacturing Advisor (Auckland, New Zealand)

Jupiter Lean Manufacturing Advisor

20% to 30% Factory Productivity Increase

“May 2020 I attended a training session on what I now see and conclude to be an exceptional and world class labour management system in the Empower Workshop Productivity & Scheduling Software App.  Empower Software perfectly suits SME and larger jobbing manufacturers and engineers”.  

Using the Empower Software App and tablets on the workshop floor I expect the substantial majority of jobbing engineering and manufacturing clients will achieve production increase of 20% to 30%”

Jeff Tuffnell, Director,
+64 21 392 855,


Lean Manufacturing Advisor (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

20% to 40% Increase in Factory Productivity

"In 3 full time production management roles for 3 businesses that I have worked for in the last 16 years I have increased each business’s factory productivity by in excess of 100% using Empower Software.

Of the 130+ joinery, engineering and other manufacturing clients' businesses that I have consulted to and implemented Empower Software over the last 6 years, the substantial majority of my clients have secured factory productivity increases of between 20% and 40%.

Any manufacturer or engineer not tearing down their current manual, highly inaccurate and ineffective: production processes, labour management and scheduling and rebuilding them using Empower Software is a dinosaur”

David Lawrence, Owner Manager - Lean Manufacturing,
+61 4 0014 5222


Management Accountant (Palmerston North, New Zealand)

20% to 40% Less Time on Jobs.  20% to 40% Less Labour Cost on Jobs

"Tracking factory productivity at an overall company level is useful, but tracking productivity at a person by person level, live using factory PC's and labour management software, is vital for understanding what's really going on in the business.

I have seen Empower Software in use on manufacturing and engineering client sites over the years and it always “blows me away” the substantial productivity gains that are achieved.  I expect the majority of manufacturers and engineers using tablets on their workshop floor and Empower Software to conservatively achieve a 20% to 40% reduction in their job times, therefore a 20% to 40% reduction in their labour costs”

Peter Allen, BCom ACA MInstD, Director, Business Torque Systems


Machinery Tooling Advisor (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

“I believe Empower is world class software, that is well proven over 14 years to work effectively. Tablets on the factory floor and Empower Software will change the face of production management of joinery factories over the next decade or two. Your production manager should not be without this technology."

Bill Fulton, Management


Production and General Management Contracting China (China)

20% to 30% Less Time on Jobs. 20% to 30% Less Labour Cost on Jobs

"I introduced Empower Software when we had 22 factory staff, using Empower Software we only needed 14 factory staff to put through the same amount of work."

Using the Empower Software App and tablets on the workshop floor I conservatively expect the majority of jobbing engineering and manufacturing clients will achieve a 20% to 30% Reduction in Job Times therefore a 20% to 30% reduction in labour cost on jobs”

Richard Raynes, Senior Management Director,
Skype: richard.raynes (nz)


Manufacturing US, Arizona & California, USA

25% to 75% Less Time on Jobs.  25% to 75% Less Labour Cost on Jobs

"In order for US manufacturers and engineers to be cost competitive on labour cost PCs on the factory floor and factory productivity software is now mandatory... Absolutely, there are no reasonable software solutions on the market for joiners, engineers and other manufacturers to match the capabilities, completeness, and low price point that Empower Software features. Empower is a weekly subscription based payment easily justified with high production and financial returns.

Using Empower Software and Empower-equipped tablet computers in the work environment, I anticipate a substantial majority of engineering and manufacturing clients will achieve a 25% to 75% reduction in Time-to-Complete for each task, depending on the complexity of the process and the required degree of oversight or production management”  

Bill Holt, Executive Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Consultant. 


Editor NZ Manufacturing Magazine (Napier, New Zealand)

"In today's very challenging manufacturing environment you cannot afford to be without tablets on the factory floor and labour management and job scheduling software, which clearly can transform one's factory productivity."

Doug Green, Director


Business Consultancy (Auckland, New Zealand)

"Undoubtedly, it would be inconceivable to run any manufacturing business without tablets on the factory floor and time management and job scheduling software..”

Andy Pitcher, Director


O’Bree Business Consultancy to NSW Manufacturers and Engineers (Sydney, Australia)

“For manufacturers and engineers, it is mandatory to have your production management and all other management using tablets on the factory floor and tracking productivity.  If you don’t have accurate time tracking of individual staff and jobs times you are potentially gambling $100.00 per employee / per hour for every hour of lost productivity”.

Bernard O’Bree, Director,
+61 4 1613 0664 mb


Glass Half Full Consultancy (Auckland, New Zealand)

“Having one data set with dashboards visible throughout the business, keeps everyone informed of the priorities, task status and actions. Just like the arrival and departure boards you see at airports. Our job as leaders, is to be the "air traffic controller". Empower can put you in that seat… As a stand alone factory productivity tool, Empower Software is the best tool I have seen to keep track of the performance across the entire business.”

Ian Featherstone,


QuikQuote Software (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

86% Factory Productivity Increase, within 6 Months

"The first client that I installed Empower Software into was Peppertree Furniture.

·         At 3 months, factory productivity had increased by 46%

·         At 6 months, factory productivity had increased by 86%

·         At 3 years factory productivity had increased by 100%, which was making them $200,000 additional profit per year.

If I owned a joinery, furniture manufacturing or engineering business today, I would not be without tablets on the factory floor and Empower Factory Productivity and Scheduling Software throughout."

Brendan Hanna, Director


Prime Strategies Group, Business Advisors (Auckland, New Zealand)

30% to 35% Factory Productivity Increase

"Three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) we achieved on our first engineering client’s site [using tablets on the workshop floor and Empower Software]:
1.We increased our output and factory productivity by 30% to 35%
2.We increased our delivery and site staff productivity by 45% to 50%
3.We have reduced our current average lead times by 30% to 35%”

John Francis, Director,
+64 224 106 720


Brunton ERP Software (Auckland, New Zealand)

"Each of our 3 brands of ERP Accounting Software options link to Empower Software to make one world class single seamless solution for manufacturers and engineers."

Sue Brunton, Director,
+64 21 837 400