4 Commercial Joiners – March 2019

4 Commercial Joiners – March 2019

“Peppertree Furniture (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

At 10 weeks of using Empower Software we got 46% increase in factory productivity, at 6 months we got 86% increase and at 3 years we had got a 100% in factory productivity.  On factory productivity increases alone generated by Empower Software out annual profit increased by approximately $200,000”

Premier Furniture (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

“Empower Software has made a substantial improvement to factory productivity and bottom line and we would not be without it”

Tasker Joinery (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Using Empower Software we are getting 20% more joinery out the door each month.  Our business consultant confirmed that a 20% increase in factory productivity would increase our annual profit by 60%”

Finecut Joinery (Sydney, NSW Australia)

“We have achieved a 25% increase in our staff and factory productivity”