Comace Commercial Joinery (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

Comace Commercial Joinery (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

40% Increase in Factory Productivity

As a manufacturer our core business is labour management.  Accordingly, Empower is critically important software in our business, that we could not do without, as it manages and maximizes the labour productivity of all our factory staff and all our site installers. Acknowledging that our labour productivity is the single largest factor that determines profitability on all jobs and ultimately our annual profit.

Empower Software interfaces with MYOB Exo as one seamless software solution.

We have achieved a 40% increase in factory productivity to date, we had a achieved a 30% increase in factory productivity within the first three months of putting Empower in our business.

Empower has enabled us to be a lot more productive and cost competitive in the market place

 Paul Williams, Director, Managing Director, +61 4 1787 1445 mb