Jag Kitchens & Benchtops (Auckland, New Zealand)

Jag Kitchens & Benchtops (Auckland, New Zealand)

65%+ Increase in Factory Productivity

“Using PCs on the factory floor and Empower Software we get 65% more kitchens out the door each week, with the same factory staff number and same hours worked.

Our production management consultancy firm, Lean Manufacturing, who consult to and benchmark the performance of many kitchen manufacturers throughout Australia and New Zealand, advises us that other progressive kitchen manufacturers require three times the factory staff to manufacture the same number of cabinets per month that Jag Kitchens do

We have started up a new business, Jag Benchtops, that we use Empower in. Empower works equally well for us in kitchen bench tops as it does in kitchens

Nick McLagan, Director, +64 21 725 137 mb