Peppertree Furniture – May 2011

Peppertree Furniture – May 2011

Mega factory in SA (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

“The factory is based in Lonsdale, Adelaide and comprises 3585 m² panel machine and assembly work centres, adjoining 365 m² steel factory and adjoining 150 m² offices.

In three years since putting in Empower Software our overall factory productivity has increased 114%. We calculate this periodically on a spreadsheet benchmarking current week productivity back to week one, three years ago. Prior to putting in Empower we were doing around $10,000 of product a day and now we are doing around $22,000 of product a day. The new edge bander and new borer has contributed 14% to our overall factory productivity increase – leaving 100% productivity increase solely to Empower Software. Looking back on it three years ago Peppertree Furniture was terribly unproductive – I just did not realise it at the time because we simply did no time tracking and no bench marking…

This labour management tool has certainly taken our business to a whole new level… within the first year our additional profit in using Empower Software has exceeded $200,000 per year. Empower labour management software has been an invaluable and integral part of our success over the last three years. I believe strongly that every Australian furniture maker, kitchen manufacturer, shop fitter, timber joiner, window and door maker and steel fabricator needs labour management software and PCs on the factory floor because, like me, you need to consistently get the most out of every staff member and every machine every day and you need to know your true costs…” 

Mark Tozer, Managing Director