6 Commercial Joiners Profiled – May 2014

6 Commercial Joiners Profiled – May 2014

Shears and Mac (Auckland, New Zealand)

Too early to estimate but I expect a 15% to 20% increase in factory productivity over the next year, which will make a significant increase to our annual profit and will have a quick and high return on investment.  Jason De Graaf, Production Manager…

Comace Shop Fitters (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

30% increase in factory productivity in the first two years.  Paul Williams, MD, Comace Pty Ltd…

RH Page (Auckland, New Zealand)

“We regard Empower HQ as a strategic partner to our business and Empower Software as an essential tool. We could not contemplate running our business without Empower in the future.  Andy Pitcher, CEO…

JB Joinery (Christchurch, New Zealand)

15% productivity increase overall. We have made significant productivity gains in the factory and will get more gains with more management focus on Empower. I estimate Empower paid for itself fully within six months.”  Stuart Cowan, Director

Classique Furniture (Christchurch, New Zealand)

In the first two and a half years of putting Empower Software in our factory, staff dropped from nine to six whilst output increased. Overall our staff and factory productivity increase was 103%. This was a $125,000 wage cost saving per year and increased our annual profit substantially. Empower paid for itself fully within six months.  Graeme Dreaver, MD…

Central Joinery (AUCKLAND, NZ)

Empower Software paid for itself within a number of months. From a return on investment perspective the investment in Empower Software was a no brainer. Shaun Simpson, Managing Director…”